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Account Security Tips

Few securtiy tips for your HOSTING ACCOUNT:

-Keep you cpanel/ftp pasword strong like cnn78fh#Asd@w and not dictionary words like mountain, roger123, aaa123, sam2010 etc

-Update your scripts to the latest version like Joomla, Wordpress, PHPBB etc as these are very commonly hacked scripts and thatswhy their developers release the patches every now and then.

- Set proper read/write(CHMOD) permission to your files or folders. Like don't leave folder set with permission 777 unless its required by scripts. Common permission for folders is 755 and for files is 644.

-Keep your PC clean from viruses and trojans as hackers can gain access to your account in case they are able to transfer virus to your PC. Always install the latest internet security anitvirus software, update it regularly and scan your PC for viruses. Eg software is Kaspersky internet security.


Monday, September 27, 2010

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